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Roxelana's (Hürrem's) tomb

Address: Turkey, Istanbul,
GPS: 41.015705 28.964746
Appearance date: 

Ukrainian girl (imaginated name Anastasia Lisovska) was known to Europeans as Roxelana, and to Turkish as Hürrem. First she was a concubine, and later a wife of Süleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire. According to basic version, she was born approximately in 1500-1506 in Orthodox priest's family in Rohatyn town (now in Ifano-Frankovsk area, Ukraine). She was captured by Crimean Tatars in 1518 during their raid to the town. Later Roxelana was taken to Sultan's harem. As a wife of Süleyman she had great influence on her husband and Ottoman politics. She assisted her son Selid to become the Sultan. And then she had big influence as sultan's mother (valide).

Roxelana died in 1558 (basic version). She was buried by her husband in a domed mausoleum (türbe) in the yard of Süleymaniye Mosque. Süleyman was later buried in another mausoleum close to his wife's one.

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