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Museum "Dacha of Korolenko"

Address: Russia, Dzhanhot,
GPS: 44.468168 38.164315
Appearance date: 








Vladimir Korolenko (July 27, 1853 – December 25, 1921) was a Ukrainian-Russian short story writer, journalist, human rights activist and humanitarian. His short stories were known for their harsh description of nature based on his childhood in Ukraine and experience of exile in Siberia. Korolenko was a strong critic of the Tsarist regime and in his final years of the Bolsheviks.


Sources and links:

Дом - музей (дача) писателя В.Г. Короленко.

Дом-музей писателя В.Г. Короленко и ливанский кедр.

Дом – музей «Дача Короленко».

Дача Короленко.

Дача Короленко.

Фотографии - Джанхот / Дом-музей Короленко.

Дом-музей (дача) В.Г. Короленко в Джанхоте.

Короленко Володимир Галактіонович.




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